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segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Hard Choices - How to decide?

Hello there!

An ancient story becomes particularly poignant given the headlines screaming at us from all directions.  It’s a parable that speaks volumes, over six hundred years later.
It’s the story of an indecisive donkey.  The parable’s genesis traces all the way back to the fourteenth century, and a French philosopher named Jean Buridan who pondered the nature of free will.  The ability to choose, according to Buridan, is the most apparent evidence of the existence of free will.

The debate is as old as language itself.  Are we really free to decide, or does some unseen irresistible force determine our life path?  Does that force render us incapable of change or choice?  Is free will simply an illusion… an imaginary way to make us feel powerful, significant, responsible?
Or do we really possess the capacity to choose?  And if so, how do we decide?
In the famous “Parable of Buridan’s Ass,

" a famished donkey is presented with two identical bales of hay.  He looks at one and then the other.  Then back at the first.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Both are equally appetizing.  Both enormously appealing.  Either will satisfy the aching hunger that causes the animal to drool at the sight.  But the donkey is paralyzed by indecision.  His inability to choose strikes him powerless.  In the presence of abundance, he lies down and dies of starvation."

The philosopher argues for the existence of free will, but asserts that choice is dependent on reason.  The intellect informs the will by reason, and enables choice.
The poor donkey had the solution to his problem right there under his nose.  But he lacked the intellect to reason through his dilemma and inform the will to make the choice and then finally to satisfy his hunger.
It sounds reasonable enough – isn’t it better to make a tough but courageous choice and enjoy the benefits of choosing than to remain paralyzed in the no-mans-land of indecision, and suffer the terrible consequence?
Such an action requires intellect.  Reason.  Determination.  Initiative.

"God, Who made heaven and earth doesn't sleep. My help comes from Him and He makes sure that I don't stumble." (Psalms 121:2,3)
I get this scripture a lot when I'm going out on a tough trip or there is something really difficult going on in our lives. This verse helps me to know that my trust hasn't been misplaced. It reminds me that I will come through the situation successfully.

If you are faced with a decisive situation, I pray you will seek God's wisdom and make a choice.

God bless,
Have a decisive week!

Pr R. Davis

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