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segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Help! How can I forgive or let it go?

Resentful? Embittered? Do not even want to hear about it??

Unforgiveness and resentment, is one of the most used weapons in the arsenal of hell against humans, especially against Christians! 
There are people who suffer a little with it, others suffer too much, and there are some who do not even realize they have problems in this area . 

Truth is that all of us from time to time are tested in this area (some more than others, lol), so why not pass the test of forgiveness with an A+?!

I used to say, "I do not feel like forgiving, I did  nothing wrong " . 

Forgiveness is not a feeling - Forgiveness is a commandment.  
It means it is an act of your own free will! Isn't that great news? You can do it regardless of  how you feel!
Forgiveness in Greek (apoluo) means totally free, release, relieve, discard, forgive. 
Maybe you do not like it, but  before you decide to skip this page and look another post I encourage you to discover how forgiveness is good for your!  

I've heard many times some people say,  "Who am I to forgive, only God  can forgive" . I do not know where they got that excuse from to not forgive others. 
There are also those who say: "when I forget what was done to me, then I will forgive."
Like all the commandments of God are perfect and do good to those who obey, forgiveness has proven to be better than medicine.
Many studies have been done about forgiveness and it's benefits, and it was proven that people who have difficulty forgiving and thus become bitter, develop many diseases called 'psychosomatic illnesses'. In the list of psychosomatic illnesses caused by unforgiveness are gastritis, stomach ulcers and cancer! 

When someone does something that hurts us and we are meditating on the pain, on the hurt, it is as if we lived the pain again, and again . This puts a great stress on our immune system, which is responsible for repairing cells and fighting disease. Our whole body suffers from this imbalance and becomes vulnerable to viruses and diseases. 

Jesus said: "But I tell you: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you " (Matthew 5:44) 
When we love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us, we're actually doing good for ourselves, because "as a man thinketh, so is he" (Prov 23:7). 
Notice that it does not specifies  about who the man thinks, but simply that what he thinks becomes reality. 
If you think  bad things about someone, that thought becomes reality first in your life! 

Forgiveness is the greatest weapon to solve the problems in relationships.
Release forgiveness to those who hurt you, because you are the one who suffers the most!  

When we  choose to withhold forgiveness and  hold a grudge against someone, ruminating on what  was done to us, in most cases the other person who hurt us are moving on with life happily and unaware of the pain that caused us. 
"While we are wounded and hurt, re-living every day the evil that was done, the person who caused us so much pain is enjoying life and often do not even know they hurt us!"

Forgiveness is a matter of decision and choice. Forgiveness frees you and makes you happy. 

Forgiveness does not mean you get all hugs and kisses with the person who hurt you and broke your trust, it does not  mean that you will be brainwashed and forget everything that happened either. 
Simply means choosing discard the offense, it means releasing the person who offended you. It means you remember what happened but without pain! 

Let it go! Let it go!

Indeed, your lack of forgiveness is the way you do yourself some justice! It's saying to God you don't trust him to repair the damage done to you.
The interesting thing is that if I do not forgive, I stop God from doing  me justice. My unforgiveness and resentment  is all the Justice I will ever receive ... is it worth it?

When I was a child, two people I loved and trusted a lot betrayed my trust and molested me. It was very sad! When I turned 16 I took a deadly hatred for these people! I was in church but did not understand the liberating power of forgiveness. 
Everyday I thought  about what happened to me, and everyday feelings of shame, anger and disgust flooded my soul. I felt miserable, and I felt too embarrassed to tell anyone about it, which made ​​my pain even greater. 
Whoever has experienced something like this knows exactly what I'm talking about. 
It cost me seven long years of depression and unhappiness!

Then I started to pray for these people (remember that Jesus commanded to pray for our enemies?), at first I could only cry and sob. After a few days I began to declare out loud "so and so, I forgive you   and I bless you." Something began to change on the  inside of me, I did not think so often about what happened to me, not too long after I started to pray this way I was free from pain and sorrow, and now I can talk about it without any embarrassment or  anger. 

 You can bet that from time to time I do not lack opportunity to fall into that trap again ... then I need to repeat the process and obey the word regardless of my feelings. 

What we don't understand is that when we decide to get offended and not forgive our enemies, we   take them to our beds every night ... yes because we are rethinking, ruminating and replaying our own little horror movie in our minds ... 

Unforgiveness shows lack of maturity and  lack of love in the things of God.
Unforgiveness is like if you took poison and expecting the other person to die!

Are you angry? I saw a quote on a blog that made a lot of sense to me,
"You are angry because of your emotions, not because of what someone else did. Your emotions are your responsibility. Own up to it. You made yourself angry, so don’t blame anybody else for it. And only you can stop being so."

God is just! Trust Him to make you justice ... release it  and let it go!

Examine yourself and see if there is someone to whom you need to release forgiveness, someone that you need to go and  apologize to. Make no mistake, if you do not forgive and love your neighbor you do not love God, it is not me who is saying that but the Word: "If anyone says, 'I love God', but still hates his brother , is a liar, because if he does not love his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? "(I John 4:20)

In psychiatry, forgiveness is the power of the strong, and the sorrow the power of the weak!

 Decide starting today, never again to be hurt or even angry with anyone, you have a bright future ahead of you and it will be built on the Word of God. 

Submit to the Father

Pray aloud (how many times you feel the need for it!): 

"Dear Father, test me and show me if there is unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart, you Lord told me to forgive those who have wronged me and to love my enemies, the Lord will not ask me to  do something that was impossible for me to do.  I know I can count on your grace and your power to walk in forgiveness and thus grow in your things. I trust the Lord to make me justice, the Lord knows how to deal with each person, and with each of your children. I know the decision to forgive is mine and nobody else's and I also know that I hurt myself if I hold on to bitterness, because there is no way I can be happy and bitter at the same time. I forgive _________________________(say the name of the person/people who wronged you) in the name of Jesus and I release your life from this debt today, amen. "

Pray you all have a great and forgiving week!

God Bless,

Pra. R. Davis

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