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sábado, 20 de outubro de 2012

How more Water a day can keep the Doctor away?!

Hello dear reader! 

With this super  interesting post I start another important category in the blog - Health And  Beauty.  
I always taught about the importance of caring for our beings as a whole. You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. And each of these parts are interconnected. 
 So be wise and learn to take care of yourself in a complete way, because in order for you  to fulfill God's purposes on earth, you need to be well and healthy for long time!

More water a day keeps the doctor away!

How more Water a day can keep the Doctor away?!

 (and you looking Fabulous too!!!)

... Water is Life... is that really so?

Did You Know 
        The thirst sensation mechanism  is so weak that often 37% of humans confuse it with hunger? 
       Further, an imperceptible dehydration  delays the metabolism in approximately 3%? Not good if you are trying to loose weight!
       A glass of  water  will relieve hunger at midnight in almost 100% of cases, under a weight loss diet, according to a study conducted at the University of Washington. 
       A reduction of only 2% of  water  in the body can cause momentary loss of memory, difficulty with basic math problems solving and difficulty of  focusing the vision on a computer screen or on a printed page? 
       Drinking at least 8 glasses of  water  daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, in addition to lowering the risk of breast cancer by 79% and halve the probability of developing bladder cancer.
       According to experts, this is not optional, it is mandatory if we want our brain to function in an excellent way. 
       And if we are stressed, we must increase the amount to 16 glasses of  water  per day.
      90% of the volume of our brain is composed of  water , which is the main vehicle of electrochemical transmissions. 
       You can not imagine what 8-10 glasses of  water  a day can do to eliminate many ailments.
       People usually DO NOT drink this amount to avoid having to urinate often, a minor inconvenience in exchange for an improvement in their health. 
       The color of your urine should be a very weak yellow or colorless, otherwise you're not ingesting enough  water  (this does not apply if you are taking B vitamins, which produces a natural yellow color to urine). 
      Speaking of drinking  water , we are not referring to the  water  contained in coffee, tea, or in the soft drinks. The  bottled water   or from natural sources is the best.
      How about a lush skin, clear and youthful? Water eliminates toxins and free radicals, so your skin (the largest organ of our body), reaps the benefits!
      Preliminary studies indicate that in 80% of people, drinking 8-10 glasses of  water  a day can significantly ease many ailments. 

       Healing 1: Eliminates anti-acids and cures stomach acidity. 
       The stomach acidity or heartburn may be a sign of lack of  water  in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This is an important signal for thirst, that the human body emits. 
        Ingestion of antacid tablets or against stomach acid does not correct dehydration, and the body continues to suffer from lack of  water  in the body. 
        Tragedy: Not recognizing stomach acidity is a sign of dehydration and treating it with antacids, over time, may cause stomach inflammation in the duodenum, hiatal hernias, ulcers and eventually cancer in the gastrointestinal tract or pancreas and liver . 

       Cure 2:  Water  can prevent and cure arthritis. 
        Rheumatic pain of joints - The occurrence of arthritis can be a sign of lack of  water  in the joints.It can affect both young people and adults. The use of painkillers does not solve the problem and the disease continues. 
       Taking  water  can relieve pain or solve this problem. 

       Cure 3: Back pain. 
       The back pain and arthritis of the spine paralyzing may be signs of lack of  water  in the discs of the spine - the buffers that support the body's weight. Such diseases should be treated with increasing water  to be ingested daily. 
       Tragedy: Not recognizing that back pain is a symptom of dehydration of the joints, and  to treat it with painkillers, massage, acupuncture, and eventually surgery, in time, this will cause osteoporosis and when the cells of the cartilage of the joints come to eventually die and cause a deformation in the backbone it may cause even physical disability of the lower limbs. 

       Cure 4: Angina. 
       Chest pain - angina - may be a sign of lack of  water  in the body between the axis of the heart and lungs. 
       This symptom is to be treated by drinking  higher amounts of  water until the patient no longer has pain without taking medication. It is prudent to have medical supervision, however, by increasing the amount of  water  consumed, it can cure angina pectoris. 

       Healing 5: Migraine.
       Migraine can be a symptom of lack of  water  required in the brain and eyes and can be avoided by preventing dehydration of the body. This particular type of dehydration eventually causes an inflammation of the back of the eye and possibly a decrease or loss of vision. This would  end the marital problems of many couples! (lol)

       Healing 6: Colitis.
       Colitis is a sign of lack of  water  in the large intestine. Is associated with constipation or constipation due to constriction of excess  water  which also exerts on the excrement, which in turn lose their lubrication provided by the  water . 
       Tragedy: By not recognizing colitis pain as a sign of lack of water , will cause a condition of persistent constipation and will result in compression of the faeces, which in turn may cause verticilos, polyps and hemorrhoids, and increase possibility of contracting cancer of the colon and rectum. 

       Healing 7: Asthma.
       Asthma affects millions of children and kills several thousand of them every year. It is a complication of dehydration of the body, caused by  failure in the administration   program of the hydration of the body. 
       Clogs the free passage of air and prevents the elimination of  water  from the body in the form of vapor - the breath. 
      increased consumption of  water  prevents asthma attacks. 
       Tragedy: By not recognizing asthma as an indicator of lack of  water when children are in the development phase, many of them not only die, but they also cause irreversible damage in asthmatic survivors. 

       Healing 8: High Blood Pressure.
        Hypertension is a condition of adaptation of the body to a general dehydration when cells of blood vessels do not get the amount of  water necessary. As part of the mechanism of osmosis, when the water  serum is filtered and injected into important cells through tiny pores existing in their membranes, extra pressure is required for the "injection process" as happens when injecting " serum " in hospitals to re-hydrate millions of  cells. Drinking  water  will offset the pressure and make it back to normal. 
       Tragedy: Not recognizing hypertension is one of the indicators of dehydration and treating high blood pressure through diuretics that dehydrate the body further, will later result in a blockage of the heart arteries and the arteries that go to the brain by the action of cholesterol. This condition will cause heart attacks, massive cerebral small infarcts that could paralyze a body part. It can also cause malfunction of the kidneys and neurological damage such as Alzheimer's disease.
       Healing 9: Diabetes Type II or Adult. 
       The diabetes of adults is likely caused by the dehydration of the body. By keeping an adequate amount of  water  in circulation, including the priority needs of the brain, insulin secretion is inhibited to prevent the entry of  water  into the cells of the body. In diabetics only some cells get enough  water  to survive. Drinking  water  reverses diabetes in the adult stages. 
       Tragedy: Not recognizing adult onset diabetes is a complication caused by dehydration, over time, damage may result from massive blood cells throughout the body. This can later cause loss of toes from gangrene of the legs and cause blindness. 

       Cure 10: Cholesterol in the blood.
       High levels of cholesterol are indicators of a premature body dehydration. Cholesterol is a clay-like material that is poured in the gaps of some cell membranes to prevent them from losing their vital moisture by osmotic pressure stronger than blood circulating in neighboring areas. 
       Cholesterol, apart from being used to manufacture nerve cell membranes and hormones, also acts as a "shield" against the demand of water  of other vital cells that would normally exchange  water through their cell membranes. 

Live Healthy and Beautiful longer!

       Other Remedies: 

       Depression, loss of libido, chronic fatigue, lupus, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy. All these conditions may be caused by prolonged dehydration. If this is the probable cause, symptoms will alleviate, once the body has been hydrated regularly. 
       In this conditions, muscular exercises should be part of the treatment program. 

       Now the question is: Are you taking the proper amount of  water  daily? 

For those who do not like water or have difficulty drinking it, remember one thing: You can educate your soul and body to do and enjoy anything!

See you next time!

God bless.

Raquel Davis

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