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quinta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2013

Learn how to bounce back!


Overcome! Bounce back!

When I was a little girl about eight years old, I loved to play volleyball and basketball on the street with my friends.
Sometimes we didn't have appropriate ball and we used the old footballs that boys no longer wanted to play with... 
The problem was that old and deflated  balls don't bounce! Have you ever tried to play volleyball or basketball with a bounceless  ball? Then you know it's horrible!!

One day my mom surprised me with a brand new volleyball she bought out of the local supermarket... I called all my friends to play ball and we did it for hours non stop . We were so accustomed to the old deflated balls we put too much power when serving with the new ball - it bounced easily! It's really great to play with a bouncy ball!
Few years ago I was thinking about my life and about some sad and terrible things I went through... I was ready to give up "The game of life"...
Something (God?) made me remember the old days of playing ball with my little friends... a thought crossed my overwhelmed mind: 
"You gotta learn how to bounce back!"
Yes! That's it! 
When something contrary or bad (or both!) happen to us we need to learn how to bounce back! We cannot just sit there inert and take the blows...
That was exactly what I did in years past! I learnt how to bounce back! And the more pressure and power life put on me the more I bounced, higher and further I went!

Some examples flashed through mine mind: 
When I was inert during my adolescence due to the sexual abuse I suffered when I was only a little girl... I had to learn how to bounce back and stop being a victim.
When depression wanted slowly to suck life out of me for seven years... I had to learn how to bounce back and decided to be happy.
When I "bet all my chips"  sixteen years ago in a relationship with someone who fooled me and cheated on me, simply because he was too coward to "get out of the closet"... I had to learn how to bounce back.
When faced with other life challenges and opportunities to do something out of the ordinary, I decided to invest in my long forgotten dream of moving to London and finishing my English course... and I learnt how to bounce back.

...So in a flash my life passed  through mine mind like a film...and once more hope and encouragement begun to fill my heart again. I saw that adversity and set backs don't need to be the end of anything...It all depends on the window you see things through...
Right now I have to remind myself of this lesson... I am going through some frustrating moments and major setbacks... I gotta learn how to bounce back!

What challenges are you going through today? Do you feel overwhelmed with your present circumstances? Do you feel like giving up?

Don't give up! Let God teach you how to bounce back. Learn how to use the pressure life is putting on you to go higher and further out of your problems.

Today, second week of a new year... this phrase still burns in my heart - "You gotta learn how to bounce back."
After all who likes a 'deflated ball' anyway?!?

See you next time,

Raquel Davis

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